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Avalon Frame Layer A
Avalon Frame Layer B
Avalon Frame Layer C
Avalon Frame Layer Set
Butterfly Cluster
Close to the Heart die set
Delicate Peony die set
Flutter Plate Layer A
Flutter Plate Layer B
Flutter Plate Layer C
Flutter Plate Layer Set
Genevieve Butterfly Layer A
Genevieve Butterfly Layer B
Genevieve Butterfly Layer C
Genevieve Butterfly Layer Set
Paradiso Butterfly Layer A
Paradiso Butterfly Layer B
Paradiso Butterfly Layer C
Paradiso Butterfly Layer Set
Peony Bloom Layer A
Peony Bloom Layer B
Peony Bloom Layer C
Peony Bloom Layer Set
Sevilla A craft die
Sevilla B craft die
Sevilla C craft die
Sevilla Layer Set
Stitched Egg Set
Stitched Egg Set
$21.00 $17.75